From: Friends of Animals
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 10:54:50 -0400

Helping in the Hurricane: Suggestions for Direct Giving

September 06, 2005
Some of our supporters have asked what is to be done from a distance to help the animals (human and nonhuman) who are desperate and displaced in the wake of the gulf coast hurricane.

The local SPCA in New Orleans has had to shut down and move to temporary digs. They can use your help; give through a simple form here
Hundreds of animals are now at St Francis Animal Sanctuary. The e-mail contact is Dana Nesbitt, President, Humane Society of Louisiana: But they are very busy and might not have power.

The physical address for sending items (please do) is:

St Francis Animal Sanctuary 115 Obed Magee Rd Tylertown, MS 39667

St. Francis needs generators, litter, water, kennels, crates, cat food and dog food and human food, temporary fencing and building supplies, and monetary donations. Convoys of supplies would be welcomed, as would convoys of people willing to take out and temporarily foster pets (dogs, cats, rabbits). They also need veterinary support.

Vegetarian MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) for rescuers can be ordered and shipped direct here .

Vegetarian pouch dishes are available for $2.50. each and vegetarian full meals can be by the case.
Indian and Thai MREs can be ordered and shipped direct here .

To save yet more animals by sending vegan foods, note that the vegan products are: Bengal Lentils, Bombay Potatoes, Simla Potatoes, Punjab Eggplant, Green Peas Pilaf, Pad Thai, Thai Peanut Sauce, Thai Stir Fry, Thai Green Curry, Thai Red Curry, and Thai Yellow Curry.

Also, please send supplies to:

Best Friends Hurricane Relief c/o Leigh Breland 1635 Misty Lane Terry, MS 39170

Hurricane-related inquiries, including offers to donate supplies or funds or to volunteer, may be directed to: 435.644.2001 ext. 398 or .

They need toilet paper, paper towels, vegetarian people food that won‚t spoil or need refrigeration, first aid kits for relief workers; pet food, crates and bedding, collars and leads, puppy and kitten formula, canopy tents, tarps, generators, two-way radios, rope and duct tape, bowls, and microchip scanners, fencing (both temporary and permanent), work gloves and welding gloves, carpentry supplies, flashlights, batteries (AA, AAA, C & D), water, plastic bags that seal. Extension cords (heavy duty outdoor approved - 100 foot long). Please call them at the number above before you buy large quantities of any of these items.

Best Friends is asking that you contact any friends or relatives that you have who were required to evacuate the disaster areas. If they left any pets behind, please have them contact the Best Friends Hurricane center: or 435.644.3965 ext. 4455

Helping the homeless people will be a big part of getting the nonhuman animals sorted out, so you may wish to send money to the American Friends Service Committee here, via the secure donation form .
This group is recommended as it has a local office, which helps your money go quickly to those in need, without high overhead.

KellyUSA is providing babysitting and counseling for displaced people at a Texas church. Please write donations out to „Maranatha Bible Church‰ (with „The Good Samaritan Ministry‰ in the Memo section). The address is 7855 E. Loop 1604 N., Converse, TX 78109. Phone 210-821-LOVE (5683), Fax 210-826-1224, e-mail
Money will go directly to helping these children. Help families; then they can get their animals out of foster situations.
A Final Note: The Importance of Giving Locally A note of thanks to the national animal advocacy groups who are kindly asking that money be sent directly to local groups, and giving instructions to make it simple to do so. Other advocacy groups who are encourging people to donate locally are:

Alley Cat Allies
Allied Effort to Save Other Primates (AESOP Project)
International Primate Protection League

We believe that large, national groups should do the same, and not divert funds away from local rescue efforts. There are national groups with extremely large ratios of overhead and fundraising versus actual program percentages (see ). If this is one of the biggest disasters in memory, then now‚s the time to put those bank accounts to use. In other words, time for large, national groups not to fundraise for hurricane expenses, but simply to donate rescue teams outright.

Thank you for your interest in helping others during this critical time,

From all of us at Friends of Animals.

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