Hello! My name is Alice Petcu, from Bucharest, Romania. I'm almost 16 years old.

But here in Bucharest, the mayor wants to get rid of all the homeless dogs at any cost. He first said that we should treat a dog like a child, and then he said that the homeless dogs must be killed. Now, his men are hunting these poor animals and kill them even on streets. They beat them with rocks and other stuff, they suffocate them with ropes or plastic bags, or they even give them poison, and the dogs have a painful death.

It's impossible to imagine that this could happen, but I saw the dead dogs on the streets, and I'm not the only one. The children see how the adults treat the dogs, and they do the same.

And this is not all! Even adults take the puppies and they put them in big boxes where they burn them.

Two days ago, I found a dog that was hit by a car, and I called the Associations for the Protection of Animals to help me take him to a vet. I was afraid to move him, because I didn't wanted to hurt him. They (the Associations for the Protection of Animals) told me that they don't have how to help the poor dog, so I've talked to a lady, who is also a dog lover, and she helped the dog even if she isn't from any association.

So, this is the situation here: the dogs die, the associations can't do a thing about it, and I'm really desperate.

All my friends and even my grand mother said that it's a good thing to kill these animals because they must receive food, and the children from the streets are starving. But they don't realize that these kids are not loved by the government, or by the mayor. In winter, when it's cold outside, and they don't have where to stay, these dogs are helping them. They are the ones who are sitting next to them and give them the love they need. I saw a dog that received food, and he didn't eat it. He took it to a child that was sitting all alone. That child cherished the food with the dog, and this is the way they live. NOT the government, NOT they mayor are the ones that help these poor souls.

THEY, THE HOMELESS DOGS are these kids parents. They keep these children alive. They defend them, and most important, they keep them wormed up when it's cold. These dogs are the ones who must be protected by the law. I really hope he'll not do the same with the kids. I'm so worried. I need to know these animals in a safe place. It's the only thing I think about. I live for them. A few days ago I saw the dogcatchers again, but I couldn't do anything about it. They are crazy, and nobody can stop them. I've tried once to stop them, but I was all alone, and nobody helped me. They were four, and I couldn't stop them. I also heard from a dog lover, a great person, that a little girl found a puppy, and she gave him to some men to help him, to take they little puppy to a shelter, where he could be adopted. Those men, took the poor dog, and killed him right in front of the girl. They've cut his throat. I've also heard, from the same person, that this wasn't the only dog that had this outrageous destiny. The mayor's men did the same with an other dog, in front of many people, but non-of them said this had happened because they were afraid. I think you know that here we have big cars that are used to take the trash. These cars have a place where the trash is minced in many small pieces. Some people are taking the puppies away from their mothers, and put them in there. They are cut alive, and you can imagine that scavengers don't care about this. They are the ones that give poison to the animals.

If I forgot to tell you, here, in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, some horrible men came with dogs used for fights, and make them kill cats. One cat that was just about to give birth to her kittens, was bitten by such a dog, and she gave birth to her babies earlier. She wasn't able to give them milk, because of the dog's bite. The KIDS that own them are hitting these dogs used for fights with plastic bottles, to incite them. This is how they treat an animal in Romania.

This mail must get to as many people as it can. This situation must be stopped. Please tell me what you think about it, and if you can help.

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Thank you again, and I'm sorry to give you this kind of news.