E-mail received on 20 July 2001

Hello, I hope that you are all well and ready for the scary statistic that I will send now about poisoned animals.

In a small village near Barragem de Silves, called Canhestros, where my uncle lives, in the last six years three dogs and eighteen cats had been poisoned, the last victim in the last month was a cat, loved by almost everybody.

In my uncle's case, after two of his dogs had being poisoned (fortunately one of them survived), he denounced it to the authorities because he knew who had poisoned them, and the case went to tribunal. The guilty person confirmed that had poisoned some meat to kill the foxes that attacked her chickens, but after all these proofs, I don't know why the case went to the archives of the tribunal, and we all think that they will never be touched again.

This is what I get of the story. Unfortunately I couldn't get photos of the poisoned animals, but I think that the elements that I'm sending can be useful to you.

Greetings and a wish of happiness.

Marcos Santos