In the Algarve random poisoning by hunters of stray dogs and domestic animals causes death among the birds and rare animals as well. There is no known record of successful judicial action or interest in these matters. This folkloric habit goes on forever as policemen are notorious hunters and nobody seems to care anyway.

Please read the recent story of a neighbour of ours:

"I chose to live in the hills near Estoi because it seemed to be a beautiful and safe place for my animals and my son.

That morning at 9.00 a.m. I arrived home after working night duty only to find Buster, one of my four dogs, dying on the patio. He was convulsing, frothing at the mouth and surrounded by diarrhea, vomit and blood. He died in absolute agony.

Worried and heartbroken I shouted my other dogs who I knew would be nearby. Fearing the worst I began searching the field below.

Half an hour later I found Carla who was already dead but obviously died in the same circumstances.

My latest stray dog Charlie was found glassy eyed and staggering, dying within half an hour. We still havenāt found Bruno. However on one of my searches I did find poisoned chicken feet, some of which were very close to the house and matching the vomit of my dogs. We found other dead animals including another dog, numerous hedgehogs and a beautiful wild civet cat with a black and white ringed tail which used to roam the hill. We donāt see a pair of buzzards that lived around our house any more after the incident.

Besides this tragedy it is very upsetting that I canāt allow my six year old son to play out on his own for the risk of touching poisoned things on the land next to our home as I still find chicken feet in the grass and bushes. Isnāt it dreadful. Surely when children are involved it is time to take action".

Please take notice of the fact that we have seen eagles in the past around these hills!