Sunday, January 22, 2006 8:35 AM


Dear All Seal Supporters,

It all started 250km away on a small seal colony along our west coast at Elands Bay. A colony where death, non caring and complete ignorance, left these few surviving seals struggling to hang onto life. In amongst this group, 3 little new-born baby victims, had no chance of seeing in 2006, their life on this earth would be a short one, just a few days. Motherless, crying, hungry and frightened, their peace lay only in death. It is now 60 days, of not a single full nights sleep, constantly worrying, protecting, nurturing and willing, these babies to hang onto life, and today, these babies, Mumkin, Myrna and Max, 3 lucky ones, who had to witness the sad passing of 5 of their siblings, are moving on in the cycle of life.,

3 little innocent muskaflippers, hold the key to great hope, for their species. If they can trust me enough, and stick together, they will make history, and make the possibility of group baby seal rehabilitation in the wild a possibility, and with this, the return of these seals to their currently banned and extinct Seal Islands at the tip of Africa.,

All 3 loaded into a box,

complete silence, the 3 muskaflippers, know something is up,

Arrival at their new floating home, thanks to all the Seal Supporters and Beauty Without Cruelty's kind sponsorship,

The Seal Alert-SA seal colony come to investigate the new arrivals to the colony,

First, its Mumkin,

Then its Myrna, and finally Max, all 3 peering around nervously their new home,

Mumkin and Myrna, check out their new pool on-board, with yearling Buller taking a deep interest,

Now all 3 muskaflippers test their new pool,

feeding time, always feeding time.
Tonight will be the big test, will they leave or stay, will they die from shock and stress, or will we have 3 happy, healthy, muskaflippers in the morning.,

Our blind Seal attempts to come home, wondering should he climb up into the Seashepherd sponsored Rubber Duck,
Well, all Seal Supporters, thanks to your generous help and deep concern, WE are doing it. What a great team we make. I am so proud of you all. While you read this, please each "smile", and make it a wide smile, you have done something very special, and I hope your heart fills with the same "fuzzy liquid", as mine does. You are all the best, thank you.,
Updates to follow soon.,
For the Seals,
Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA,