November 2004


From: Jessica

Dear fellow dog lovers,
I am desperate to find an organization who can tell me how to proceed with our current dog crisis, please read the following, and let me know if you have any ideas for us.....

My name is Jessica and I am a young professional living in Scotland. Recently in July of this year, I came across (by way of the internet) 4 pups that had been transported from Egypt and put into British quarantine, with no homes waiting for them. They were in a sorry state so i took them all home, and after a few weeks (once I was satisfied they were both mentally and physically healthy) founds good homes for them.

I decided to find out exactly what had happened to them, and why they had been 'abandoned'. It turns out that a middle aged woman by the name of Jan, had gone out to Egypt (Sinai) four years ago to teach children. She came across some dogs who were scavenging on the streets and took them in. As it turns out many more dogs were being cast out, poisoned or beaten. She took in more and more until she was thrown out of her hotel. She then rented an old abandoned hotel and set up a rough sanctuary for her dogs. She has been there for four years now, and has a growing number of dogs, which is nearing one hundred. Last year she found some ground, in the form of a 'Wadi' which she is renting. The wadi is protected from the outside world, so keeps the dogs in. She has employed local people to build fencing and huts to separate the males and females, to help stop unwanted puppies. Every day she goes around the hotels to ask for scraps of food to feed the dogs. Then all night she sorts through the waste to find food they can eat. It takes all her time to collect water from several miles away. She is going mad, with lack of sleep and help. The dogs are fairly healthy, but are suffering with a major tick epidemic. Jan cant get round every dog to de-tick them everyday, and some dogs are heavily covered and getting other infections because of the infestations. Jan is now suffering with ill health, and desperately needs to come home. But she will not leave 'her' dogs until something is done. She tried to reduce her population by sending dogs to Britain, Germany and Holland. Three dogs were sent to Britain, one was pregnant (with the pups i found) the others went to Jans elderly mother. But British quarantine is costly, in both time and money; its costs 2 thousand pounds per dog, and the dogs never mentally recover from being locked up in confinement for 6 months. Jans mother paid for these dogs, and others to be transported to new homes in other countries, but there is no more money to do this. Something desperately needs to be done to help Jan, and her dogs. If she lets them go, the major of the local town will order them to be killed. She will never do this, until she has some other help. She cant continue on her own as she is very ill herself. Is there any way
in which you can help these dogs, by bringing them into your sanctuaries?
Please let me know if there is any way in which you can help,

many thanks,
Jessica Probst.

EGYPT no 2 - CRY FOR ATTENTION - Message from Mona 24-11-2004

As for matters in spare last week we had to take 14 more dogs in although our space is not enough and no empty places but we had to use the clinic and our office to accommodate them, they were all results of bullets, strychnine and car accidents, 2 of the dogs had puppies and one of the dogs a german shepherd we had to cut the back leg out and the operation was ugly and the vet was not good in it, she is recovering now but needs high medical attention and good nutrition for quite a while and then we have to work on making her adapt to 3 legs only , we had this case before but it was not the back leg, I do not know what will happen but we will sure make all the efforts needed to make her pass over this. We really need international help, our situation is more desperate than other countries, and we are running out of resources but we cannot stop. I myself am looking after 32 dogs on the street because we cannot take them in and not enough shelters or money to take care of them but I am always living the nightmare that i might go the next day and not find them there anymore, or find their dead bodies. We have more than 300 dogs on our waiting list and god knows how many out there need our help and we do not even know it, and we are situated in the capital and we do not know what about the other 29 governorates Egypt, could you help about what should I do to draw the attention of the international societies and people to our dogs . please help me in this.
Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt (S.P.A.R.E.)
16 Taha Hussein, ZAMALEK
Tel: + 20 (2) 381 3855

Linda Taal

I am only one but still I am one.
I cannot do everything but still I can do something.
I will not refuse to do the something I can do.
Helen Keller 1880 - 1968


From: Alan Cooper
Sent: Friday, November 26, 2004 7:34 PM

"Acts of injustice done between the setting and the rising sun in history lie like bones, each one." - W. H. Auden

Two dolphins that helped protect swimmers from a great white shark attack are thought to have been killed by fishermen, New Zealand lifeguards say. The dead dolphins were found in a river in the upper reaches of Whangarei Harbour, on North Island's east coast, said animal protection officer Jim Boyd. Their tails had been hacked off, and officials believe they may have been mutilated by criminals poaching fish. Three weeks ago, a pod of seven dolphins saved a group of swimmers from a predatory 10ft shark at a beach near Whangarei city, north of the capital Wellington. The protective dolphins have been hailed as the humans' saviours after the incident was reported this week. Lifeguard Rob Howes and trainee Helen Slade said they feared the two mammals may have been part of the pod that ganged up to protect them and other swimmers from the circling great white.
An angry Mr Howes called the netting and mutilation of the dolphins "indiscriminate murder", adding: "This is how we repay them for their help". Department of Conservation area manager John Gardiner said it appeared the dolphins had been snagged in illegal fishing nets.

From: Alan Cooper
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 13:43:49 +0000 (GMT)


For conservation emergencies telephone: 0800 DOCHOTline (0800 362 468)

Conservation Emergencies are:
Conservation-related law enforcement (for example illegal whitebaiting, vandalism of huts and tracks, removal of plants from reserves, killing or catching of native wildlife, fishing in marine reserves, disturbing marine mammals)
Sick or injured wildlife
Marine mammal stranding, whales and dolphins only

Dear Sir,

I refer to the two dolphins that were found murdered and bodies mutilated in a river in the upper reaches of Whangarei Harbour, on North Island's east coast. Please use all efforts at your disposal to try and apprehend the bloody murderers and then throw the full weight of your country's law at them.

Yours Truly
Alan Cooper


deadline the 21st of November.

We seek your support in ending the commercial importation of wild birds into Europe. Many nations have successfully opted out of these markets for decades, but the EU continues to import hundreds of thousands of these birds, and now remains far and away the largest consumer of wild caught birds in the world. The attached Declaration highlights the manifold risks of continuing these imports: risks to wildlife populations, risks to conservation initiatives, risks to human health, risks to the agricultural sector, and of course the risks to the millions of animals inhumanely exploited by this trade.
We are buoyed by the fact that such legislative changes have been remarkably successful elsewhere, already saving millions of birds lives, and coinciding with plummeting poaching levels across the Western Hemisphere. Still more inspiring is the fact that many who once advocated the use of wild birds as a sustainable resource now recognize that this dream was never realized, whereas positive and non-consumptive uses of wildlife have proved to be thriving alternatives.
But the EU's consumption of these wild animals will not end by itself, and no one organization can achieve this goal single-handedly: we need your help!



LARA - ANOTHER VICTIM OF SPANISH HUNTERS. Her jaw is destroyed (she cannot put her tongue in her mouth), she has scars on her head and face, hanging breasts (overused for breeding), a buckshot on her rump. Abused to the extreme!

Lara has been picked up by the ívila shelter in a village of Castilla-Le█n, Spain. Just who could mistreat an innocent animal like that?! She was no good for hunting! No good for breeding anymore! She is an angel, so good and sweet, anyone with a heart would have it broken upon seeing her. We ask for help to have her operated and for a very good home once she has recovered. Thank you for your attention.

To help Lara:
Protectora de ívila
Money transfer stating: "Operaci█n Lara"
Caja ívila c/c konto-Number: 2094-0053-69-0053056398
IBAN ES67 2094 0053 6900 5305 6398

Asociaci█n Protectora de ívila
Isabel Mart╠n: 606 91 99 86


"In our clinic we often receive animals that are deliberately poisoned with the intention to kill them.

We know that the same happens in all clinics in the Algarve because this is a common practice in this part of the country. We think that this is a cruelty and has to be end. Therefore we would be glad to be of assistance to all who could help to change this situation.

We would be pleased to co-operate with all persons, national and international public organisations to drastically reduce or even stop this barbaric custom.

It seems to me that it is essential to involve the municipalities, as they are responsible for the gathering and sheltering of abandoned dogs, a task they neglect altogether and consequently contribute to the uncontrolled growth of that population.

It is important to make the tourist industry aware of its responsibility, as it is often reported that at some times of the year in places like golf courses many animals are poisoned to avoid any "inconvenience" to the tourists. It is also important to request the G.N.R. and the Police to find and charge the culprits. Persons and organisations in the field of animal protection should be called upon to mobilize their contacts to better the situation.

Once again, we would like to state that we are willing to co-operate with anyone who can help change this situation radically in the Algarve and the rest of Portugal."


Na nossa Cl╠nica recebemos frequentemente animais que foram envenenados com o claro prop█sito de os matar.

Sabemos que o mesmo acontece em todas as cl╠nicas do Algarve, sendo tal crime prĚtica comum na regiäo.

Cremos que tamanha crueldade deve terminar e portanto colaboraremos com grande satisfa┴äo com seja quem for que possa ajudar a mudar este estado de coisas.

Gostaria de colaborar com todas as pessoas e entidades nacionais ou estrangeiras interessadas, para se reduzir drasticamente ou at╚ se conseguir acabar com esta bĚrbara prĚtica. Parece-me essencial envolver as Cémaras Municipais, que t═m ultimamente negligenciado a recolha de can╠deos abandonados, cujo n˙mero aumentou assim enormemente.

Importa sensibilizar as ind˙strias hoteleira e tur╠stica, pois em redor de recursos de lazer como campos de golf aparecem em certas alturas do ano muitos animais envenenados que assim jĚ näo "incomodam" os turistas.

Seria tamb╚m importante pedir çs diversas pol╠cias que apurassem as responsabilidades individuais dos autores de tais crimes.

Conv╚m envolver todos os caridosos com os animais, pois poderiam sensibilizar os demais quanto ç situa┴äo.

Finalmente, informo mais uma vez que estamos sempre prontos para colaborar com quem quer que seja que possa contribuir para alterar radicalmente esta situa┴äo no Algarve como tamb╚m nas demais regiıes de Portugal.