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Protest the killing of monkeys in Barbados / Dogs massacred in Romania

Bushmeat Crisis / Stop Italian Hunters / West Nile Virus

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Stop China Fur import of Cats / Sign the World Animal Rights Bill

CROATIA: Support shelter for dogs / Looting at the Baghdad Zoo

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TURKEY: 1200 dogs kicked out of premises in Istanbul

SHKD, Istambul: We are being kicked out of our premises by the landlord who wishes to sell the land for expensive villas. We are also threatened with expulsion from our open forest shelter. Now 16.10.2003 a lot of dogs have been saved and rehomed in Germany and the Netherlands, Still, 600 healthy, vaccinated and neutered dogs, most of them medium size (20-25 kgs) dogs are waiting to be rehomed. We hope to be able to continue our activities with about 200 dogs in a small shelter and with an animal hospital so that we can continue to employ our vets and carry out neutering campaigns and veterinary teaching throughout Turkey. If we cannot rehome those dogs by the time we lose our premises I will have a choice of dumping them onto the streets or putting them to sleep. It would be kinder to put them humanely to sleep. We have now run out of money to save most of these dogs. Please help. Visit

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ActionStraydogs (NL) is trying to help. We are selling t-shirts donated by Roberth Smith; all the money earned will be donated to the S.H.K.D. shelter for costs of food, medicins and tranport to Germany and Holland. Please take a look at our site.

Defenders Ad jpgStop the Aerial Killing of Wolves in Alaska!

At least 130 wolves have been killed under Alaska's deadly aerial gunning program!


Trophy hunters can gun down wolves from airplanes and helicopters or run the helpless wolves to exhaustion, then land and shoot them. And now the Alaska Board of Game has expanded the program -- meaning even more wolves will be slaughtered. We need to generate more pressure on Alaska Governor Murkowski by educating and mobilizing more Americans to stop this awful killing.

Help spread the word. Send an e-mail or a copy of the Defenders of Wildlife ad to at least three of your friends. Click here to download a printable version of the ad. Click here to contribute.

Grey Wolf jpg

Canadian Seal Hunt Begins

Several hundred thousand baby harp seals are being slaughtered on the ice fields off Canada's east coast right now!

(Charlottetown, Canada – 24 March 2004) - Despite international condemnation, the commercial hunt for Canadian seal pups began today across the ice floes of eastern Canada, and IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare – is out on the ice to monitor sealing activity and document hunting violations.

The hunt, which is heavily subsidized by the Canadian government, is expected to take as many as 350,000 seals over the next few weeks. Seals may be killed once they begin to moult their fluffy white coats – as young as 12 days old. Ninety-five percent of the seals killed in the hunt are under three months of age.

This annual Canadian seal hunt is happening right now, with the dawn of spring and newborn seal pups taking their first breath. In fact, over 95% of the seals killed during this hunt are just days or weeks old. If you were to witness this personally, your heart would break.

Hundreds of acts of animal abuse and violations of Canada's criminal code have been documented by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) during this hunt: baby seals impaled on hooks ... seals skinned alive or wounded and left to die under the ice. Last year, the Fisheries minister announced he would allow 975,000 seals to be killed over the next three years. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), however, spends only 1.5% of their patrol hours monitoring sealers to prevent criminal acts and kill limit violations during this hunt.

Click HERE to read the letter PeTA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wrote to fur wearer Naomi Campbell.

Pup Killing jpg

A Canadian sealer gets ready to kill a seal pup, lying at his feet, with a hakapik. Photo: © IFAW/S. Cook

For a Universal Forum of Cultures - Barcelona 2004

WE HAVE WON! — April 2004... BARCELONA has been declared free of bullfights!

Barcelona's 'La Monumental' is a beautifully constructed building. It sits in a pretty suburb of the capital of Spain's Catalonia region, famed for its architecture, cuisine, art and cosmopolitan outlook. However, inside La Monumental, the events that occur are far from cultured and modern. At the end of the 19th century, Barcelona had three active bullrings. Today, only La Monumental is left - one of four remaining bullrings in the whole of Catalonia. However, Barcelona remains one of the world's largest and oldest bullfighting cities - more bulls are killed in bullfights here than anywhere else in Spain, with the exception of Madrid and Seville. This summer, it will host eighteen 'corridas' (as bullfights are known in Spain), where paying crowds will pass the time by witnessing the slow and bloody execution of over one hundred bulls.

Download the Beauty and the Beast Pamphlet.

Bull speared gif

“In the same way that fox hunting does not define the English people, bullfighting does not define the Spanish.”

Killing animals for works of art !

Action Against Poisoning is informed on the work of Nathalia Edenmont, who exposes her art in Gallery Wetterling in Stockholm at this moment.

We respect and mostly appreciate any art expression of even the most extreme illusions. However, we strongly object to the killing of animals as a means to perform works of art. The phantasies of Mrs Edenmont could very well have been expressed in sculpture, painting or currently available computer aided (photo)graphic design programs. 

But at no time animals, let alone domestic animals capable of emotional integration in family life, should be freshly killed to create a parody on human communication or any ironic image whatsoever. In our opinion this art might be seen as contemporary and funny, but the actual creation reflects a disturbed mind. Consequently this art should neither be produced, promoted nor exposed.

We urge Mrs Edenmont to adapt her creative powers as of now to non destructive methods. We ask the relevant authorities and institutions to use their powers to stop animal abuse as a form of art or any animal abuse for that matter. Write a letter to, send a protest to the Gallery that shows her pictures and protest to the Swedish Embassies of your countries! See article in news Expressen here:

AnimalArt2 jpg

AnimalArt1 jpg.

"Help the Horses" campaign

Each week over 100 lorries crammed with horses arrive at the Italian border.  Many will have travelled almost 1,500 miles, often without rest periods contrary to European Union law. Naturewatch is working with other European animal welfare groups to stop this cruel trade.

Horses for Slaughter jpg

This is the tragic cost of supplying horsemeat to the Italians.

Lithuanian Horse jpg

From its home in Lithuania to the slaughterhouses of Italy.


The greyhound industry is passing on countless greyhounds that are no longer fast enough or making a profit by selling them or donating them to vivisection laboratories for experimentation, dissection, and surgical training... Read more...


It has been reported by the media that many greyhounds in Asia in places such as Macau, Korea, Vietnam and China have either been discovered slaughtered in landfills or have ended their days in the barbaric dogmeat industry, suffering horrific cruelty along with other breeds of dogs, until they are finally butchered... Read more..

Countless greyhounds around the world are exploited every year for profit in the name of entertainment and conse- quently sentenced to a brutal death.

International Campaign against EU-subsidies
for fighting bull breeders

EU-Subs Say NO jpg

In Spain alone 70,000 bulls, cows and calves are tortured and killed in bullrings and fiestas every year. Your taxes are being used to breed fighting bulls. Each breeder of fighting bulls receives 210 Euros per male animal for up to 90 animals every year (a possible 18,900 Euros). He also claims subsidies for suckler cows, extensive farming plus a payment at time of slaughter. The European Commission is fully aware that these animals are raised for torture. However it is not considering excluding the breeders of fighting bulls from these subsidies.

Send a letter to Commissioner Dr. Franz Fischler and Commissioner David Byrne, either your own or go here for a sample and more recipients.

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In SÃO PAULO'S ZOO, Brazil, Animals ARE BEING PoisonED By AN Animal Serial Killer!

The zoo in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo is facing a murder mystery worthy of an Agatha Christie novel.

Since late January, the zoo, one of the most modern in Latin America, has lost 10 animals, including an elephant - fatally poisoned by what police are calling a "serial animal killer".

So far, laboratory tests have shown the animals were killed with sodium fluoroacetate, a banned rat poison.

According to the Sao Paulo State University, where autopsies were performed, the poison caused the animals to stop breathing and led to cardiac arrest. What troubles investigators is that tests on the animals' food and water could find no trace of the poison.

The first animal to die was Tony, a chimpanzee. Since then, two other monkeys, an elephant, three dromedaries and three tapirs, includi ng a newborn, have joined the casualty list.

" We are deeply saddened by these events. Many of the workers have been with the zoo for several years and spend more time with the animals than with their own families," said Fatima Valente Roberti, a biologist at the zoo."We cannot fathom what could possibly lead a person to commit such aggression."

From: Ecology Fund Newsletter

chimp Sao Paulo zoo jpg

Caretaker stands next to the cage of the Zoo's last live chimpanzee, a female named Fafa, February 16, 2004.

In the last three weeks thirteen animals, including Fafa's male companion, have mysteriously died at the Zoo.

From: Planet Ark Newsletter

PLEASE ACT to stop the senseless cruelty
of Brazil's "farra do boi" festival

One of the most savage rituals of cruelty toward animals is Brazil's Farra do Boi. Farra do boi, loosely translated as " Festival of the Oxen" or "Ox Fun Days", involves the torture- killing of several hundred oxen each year in more than thirty communities throughout the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. In other states of Brazil, the spectacle is denounced and has stirred violent protests.

Before the event, the ox is confined and starved for several days. To increase the ox frenzy, food and water are placed within sight, but out of reach.The Farra begins when the ox is driven from its pen and chased through the streets by crowds of villagers with sticks, knives, whips, stones, bamboo lances, and ropes.The attackers – men, women, and children – pursue the ox as it attempts to flee, even into the ocean.

WSPA sources in Brazil have seen cattle tormented in every conceivable way. The helpless animals are doused with gasoline and set on fire. Pepper is thrown into their eyes, which are often then gouged out. Participants break the animal's horns and legs and cut off their tales. Oxen may be stabbed or hit as many times as possible as long as the blows are not fatal, for the cattle must survive until the end. This torture may continue for THREE DAYS OR LONGER. Finally the animal is killed and the meat is divided among the participants to eat.
Some say the ritual is a symbolic re-ennanctment of the Passion of Jesus, with the ox representing Judas. Other believe the animal represents Satan, and torturing the Devil washes away their sins. But nowadays the festival hasn't religious conotation. For the people from the little coastal villages, Farra do Boi became just an opportunity to party and for some, a source of extra money by selling drinks and food for the participants.

For more information, visit, or Canadian Voice for Animals.

Click here to see the shocking photos. Click here to see some movie clips. Click here to take action.

Send a letter of protest to the Governor of Santa Catarina, Luiz Henrique da Silveira,, R. José da Costa Moellmann, 193, 88020-170 Florianópolis - SC - Brazil.

mutilated jpg

After several hours of torture...

mutilated jpg

This mutilated ox is still alive...

mutilated jpg

Ban the import, export, sale and production
of cat and dog fur in Europe

Struan Stevenson and four other members (Bob van den Bos, Nelly Maes, Mihail Papayannakis and Phillip Whitehead) of the European Parliament have recently filed a Written Declaration that calls on the EU to ban the import, export sale and production of cat and dog fur in Europe.

That Written Declaration (read it also in German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, and Portuguese) needs 314 legislators signatures no later than December 22, 2003 for it to become the official position of the European Parliament, thus compelling the European Commission to address this issue.
European readers contact your members of the European Parliament and make sure they sign before the deadline (find them on It is possible to ban this trade once and for all - but Europe must take action. Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Evidence exists that the animals are skinned alive to ensure the fur does not shed. In an 18-month undercover investigation, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) discovered that the trade in cat and dog fur is far bigger than was ever previously believed. The HSUS has revealed that more than 2 million of these domestic animals are abused and killed by the international fur trade each year. And this sick trade isn't just something that happens in far off lands - at least one company in Britain trades openly in the furs of these animals. Please visit Sirius Global Animal Organisation and Coalition for the Abolition of the Fur Trade (CAFT) for further details on dogs being used in the fur and food trade. Sign the petition... and...  Sign and send or e-mail this letter and... Read more...

Swiss meat jpg

A Saint Bernard stands alone among the cages stuffed with dogs.

Dogs cages jpg

These dogs will soon be killed in the cruelest manner

Commemorative March for BPRC-Primates on International Animal Rights Day

Wed. 10 December 2003, 14h45, Town Hall, Rijswijk, Holland

The Dutch animal protection organization E.D.E.V. ( - an animal, a friend - leads a peaceful quiet march through Rijswijk to commemorate all primates that died in the Biomedical Primate Research Center (BPRC). Since 1960 an estimated 10,000 primates - not including pigs, rats, mice and other animals that are used by BPRC as well - have been tortured and killed by lab tests and vivisection in this former TNO-Primate Center. The march starts in front of the new Town hall of Rijswijk at the Bogaardplein and finishes at the BPRC. From 14.45 hrs you are welcome at the meeting place in front of the Town hall. Please join this march with your family and friends. As we commemorate the primates wear black dress if possible. Let the municipality of Rijswijk, the BPRC employees and above all the primates inside this torture center know that we have not forgotten. 100 free....., still 1500 to release. Close the primate hell in Rijswijk! Let us not stop before the last cage is empty! For organizational reason please register at:

From now on free IARD 2003 posters and leaflets (with new BPRC-photographs) are available via

Viv show1 gif

Animal experimentation involves the incarceration of animals and their subsequent poisoning, mutilation, disease and killing. It is arguably the most brutal and most severe form of systematic, genocidal-scale violence in the modern world.



Read more...   Visit, they need your help!

MARJAN, a one-eyed and dejected version of the king of beasts, became an international symbol of the suffering that the Taliban had inflicted on Afghanistan. Now the same is set to happen with captive animals in war-beleagered Iraq. More...

Visit and

Marjan Jpg


As more cases of illnesses associated with the West Nile virus are diagnosed in humans and equines, communities have begun to step up their control programs with the spray application of pesticides. To limit your pet's exposure to these chemicals when your area is being sprayed, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) offer the following tips:

• Know when pesticides will be sprayed in your community, so you'll be able to keep pets indoors during these times. Note that elderly or debilitated animals--particularly those with heart disease or asthma--may be more sensitive to airborne pesticides and chemicals.
• Close windows and turn off window-unit air conditioners while spraying is taking place.
• Bring pet dishes and toys inside. If any items have been accidentally exposed to the spray, wash them well with soap and water.
• Keep horses in their stalls or in a lean-to, and be sure to cover water troughs and buckets.
• If you have an outdoor fishpond, be sure to cover it when your community is being sprayed. Your piscine pets can be very sensitive to certain pesticides.
• If you suspect that your pet is experiencing difficulties as a result of exposure to pesticides, contact your veterinarian immediately.

mosquito gif

For more information about West Nile virus, visit the AVMA's website.

Tips on pet poison prevention can be found at APCC online.


Protest the Killing of Monkeys in Barbados

In Barbados, the government has placed a bounty on the 14,000 green monkeys who inhabit the island. Hunters are paid $7.50 for every tail that they bring in, so they usually kill the animal, cut off the tail, and throw the carcass away. The Barbados Primate Research Center pays $25 for monkeys brought in unharmed, who are then used for research or killed so that their kidneys can be used for polio vaccines, even though safer polio vaccines are produced through human cell cultures. Of the 1,500 monkeys brought to the Barbados Primate Research Center every year, more than half are sold for $1,500 each to other research centers and various companies where they are tortured and killed.

Help stop the cruel exploitation and slaughter of green monkeys. Tell the minister of tourism, Honorary Noel Lynch, that you will boycott Barbados until the killing is stopped: Email:, For more information visit PETA's website.

macaco jpg

AUGUST 16, 2003

International Homeless Animals’ Day events are held in more than 30 US states and many, many other countries as well, such as Romania, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Cayman Islands, Guatemala, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, Columbia, etc.


Spaydogs Jpg



The march will start at 17h00 at the PARQUE EDUARDO VII, in Lisbon (next to the Praça do Marquês de Pombal) and will end at the Praça de Touros do Campo Pequeno (bullring) (Parque Eduardo VII - Praça do Marquês do Pombal - Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo - Praça Duque do Saldanha - Av. da República - Praça de Touros do Campo Pequeno)

Information: Miguel Moutinho ( o r +351-962358183)

Bull speared jpg

More than 35 City Halls support bullfights in Portugal: from Albufeira to Vila Viçosa. See the list. Write to the mayors.


In Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar’s film, Hable con Ella (Talk to Her), at least six bulls were tortured and killed for a bullfighting scene, making it a real-life snuff film. Now, the blood is on Almodovar’s hands for promoting bullfights.


Bulltop Jpg



The Portuguese Association of Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) is going to stage a bullfight on the 5th July in Setubal. It’s outrageous that Charitable Organisations should use the torture of animals to raise funds.

Please complain at or by sending an e-mail to

ICAB jpg

More than 35 City Halls support bullfights in Portugal: from Albufeira to Vila Viçosa. See the list. Write to the mayors.

URGENT! Petition Against Swiss Eating Dogs and Cats

Sign the petition:

Swiss Animal Protection Laws are due to be revised this summer (Swiss laws presently allow the eating of dogs and cats). Our colleagues at Sirius GAO ( have created a petition demanding that the Swiss Govt. address this vital issue. Only international pressure will ensure that this loop-hole is closed once and for all.


The BrightEyes Society is lobbying the Regional Government of Andalusía to force the government to introduce animal protection laws in the Region, and we will move on to the remaining lawless regions once this is achieved.

Read more...   and sign the  petition.   



Conclusions of the Symposium


Conclusões do Colóquio

Centro de
Ética e Direito
dos Animais


ANIMAL logo gif

No More Homeless Pets Conference – April 25-27, 2003 Costa Mesa, CA

Register online at:

Everything you need to know to bring an end to the killing of homeless pets in your community. Read more...

Kitties Jpg

Protest Renault

Don't let Renault execute in Romania hundreds of strays!!!

The management team of Renault in France has a new target: the killing of all stray dogs at the Dacia Company, a Renault subsidiary. Hundreds of dogs are killed and poisoned. Dacia's Romanian management wanted to only catch the dogs, but Renault France however made arrangements to kill them all. Read more...

LATEST NEWS: no dog was killed at Mioveni factory since our protest began. Thank You All!


According to a law in Croatia, any cat or dog more than 300 meters beyond town limits is considered strayed and therefore is allowed to be killed. In the last couple of days, cats and puppies are being killed and hung by the branches of the trees in Medjimurje area in Croatia. However, throughout the last year, numerous were cases of puppies, dogs and cats being intentionally shot by hunters.

Croatian Government continues to deny wide-spread animal abuse and refuses to do anything.


EU Trade e-mail:

EU Public Opinion e-mail:

EU Agriculture e-mail:

EU Education e-mail:

Also, write to or send fax ++385 1 6109201 and ask Sonja Nusinovic, spokes-woman for Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, to change that law and stop the killings of pets.
In the past, Croatian Animal-Rights Activists have been threatened and intimidated by authorities. Lets make sure the Croatian Government knows the world is watching.
Croatian Parliament E-mail:

Please send your name and your address to ANIMALS' FRIENDS CROATIA.
After signing the petition, please forward this message to your friends.

Animals' Friends Croatia

ANIMALS' FRIENDS CROATIA was founded in October 2001 for the purpose of promoting the protection of the animals and vegeterianism as an ethical, ecological and healthy way of life. With many actions already behind us, and many many more ahead, we appreciate any kind of help we can get.


CROATIA - Support shelter for dogs ( )

e-mail sent to:

Dear Mister Zlatko Kramaric,

We honor the way you have managed a decent shelter for abandoned animals in your town of Osijek, Croatia. It is very important that you as authority in charge of this grave matter are aware that sponsoring a shelter for dogs is necessary as well for the citizens safety as for sanitary reasons but also because of the wellbeing of the animals. In these cases it is not only a beautiful gesture but also usual that international organizations help each other to start and maintain animal shelters and accompanying veterinarian care.

We hope you continue your good work by supporting the shelter financially, to support external sponsoring and hereby to show the world that you are caring for the people and animals of Osijek.

Action Against Poisoning


Dear friends!
This is important, read carefully!
Excuse my english.

In Croatia there is only one non-kill shelter for dogs; managed by Slavonia and Baranja-based Association for Protection of Animals named "ZIVOT" ("LIFE") - the first NGO in Croatia that built a decent shelter for abandoned animals. With help by RSPCA they build this shelter and get education in promoting and protecting animals rights. More about organisation you can read at (there is info in english).

According to authorities in the town of Osijek, Croatia, there it will not be money for keeping shelter this year. Instead, they said very arogant "Britons shouldn't help you with starting project, they could take care of their own dogs instead" and "if you have no money self, then you have to close the shelter". BUT! there is decision at the town level that authorities must sponsor shelter because of citisens safety and sanitar reasons.

During one year period, 180 homeless dogs found new owners. They have been vaccinated. New owners are forced to sign under agreement where they promise to take care of dog on the right, human way. Not one single dog has been killed! 300 dogs were picked from the streets during past year. This was a great job! And there is still a lot of dogs in the shelter.


Write to Zlatko Kramaric, responsible decision-maker, his adress is: and tell him what you are thinking about it!

It's time that croatian authorities learn to respect life. They have got help from RSPCA but they are expecting that someone will solve their problems allways. No! They have to learn to act selves and take care of their problems. There is people who are willing to work as volonteirs, their is only money that is missing (for food, vet costs etc.). There is also money, but the question is how the town is dealing with.

Please take a minute of your time and write to him! Think of all dogs which else must go back to the streets. Be kind and send a copy to "LIFE" association at ( so they can know how big response to this protest was. This can help them in their further negotiating with authorities.

Thank you for being there for animals!


You have burnt my forests, hunted and exiled us, killed my brothers and sisters and now you celebrate the festival of neighbourly love. You worship a god who could be my god as well. You say you want to protect me whilst cashing millions from deceived people who have my welfare at heart, but still you fail me. It is hard for you to punish my assassination as you think you are better than me. Hardly anyone cares about me anymore. That is my Christmas if I am to survive that anyway.... Brutal beings will enter my quiet world and ambush me. Nobody will be there to protect me from my torturers. Maybe I will already be caught in a trap and will desperately try to run for my life with my shattered paw.

....and I just want to be left alone!



¤What do they know█all these scholars, all these philosophers, all the leaders of the world█ about such as you? They have convinced themselves that man, the worst transgressor of all the species, is the crown of creation. All other creatures were created merely to provide him with food, pelts, to be tormented, exterminated. In relation to them, all people are Nazis; for the animals it is an eternal Treblinka.Ë Isaac Bashevis Singer (Nobel Prize-winning author, writing about a man╠s love for his departed pet mouse)


There are four initiatives to improve both human-animal relations and the quality of bio-medical research in Europe.

These initiatives are described on the web site:

We have formed a working group which, with the technical advice of numerous specialists and the collaboration of experts in the sectors dealt with, has carried out an analysis of experimentation on animals in Europe and has prepared the following four reports:

1. Warning - Danger: New chemicals: Three scientific methods are presented which, used in series, can protect and safeguard public health much more effectively than the respective methods currently employed using animals.

2. Save the frog: This is presented through an analysis of teaching methods used in European Universities. It outlines the possibility of substituting the use of animals in teaching-demonstrative laboratories.

3. Conscientious objection to animal experimentation: This outlines what is perhaps the only possibility of reconciling the legal obligations of some regulations, current guide lines on bio-medical research and respect for the different ethical and religious values in Europe.

4. Great apes project: The importance of scientific knowledge acquired about the great apes is evaluated together with its influence on the regulations dictated by moral principles universally accepted in the European Union.

The aim is to involve European parliament members in these actions, in order to achieve modifications to the existing regulations at EC level.

If you would like to collaborate more closely in this campaign and have suggestions or ideas, please, let us know.

You can reach us at:

For the working group:

Dr Stefano Cagno,
Dr Enrico Moriconi,
Dr Massimo Tettamanti


-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Robert Smith []
Verzonden: vrijdag 23 november 2001 17:52

Onderwerp: Fw: Thanks

Maybe you internet surfers would like to sign this petition.
I am hopeless with these things myself, but even I have managed to sign the UN petition.
Rgds Robert Smith
----- Original Message -----
Thanks in advance for voting for Puss Puss.
Earle and Tacarea



Stop China Fur import of Cats - Stopp China Fellimport

The link below takes you straight to the petition:


From the Foreword

by Lucy Rosen Kaplan, Esq.

In Eternal Treblinka, not only are we shown the common roots of Nazi genocide and modern society's enslavement and slaughter of non-human animals in unprecedented detail, but for the first time we are presented with extensive evidence of the profoundly troubling connections between animal exploitation in the United States and Hitler's Final Solution. Dr. Patterson does not let us forget, moreover, that the practices of the quintessentially American institution of the slaughterhouse that served as a model for the slaughter of human beings during the Nazi Holocaust flourish to this day.

However, Eternal Treblinka does not stop there. By exploring the entrenched racism in mainstream American culture that Hitler often cited as exemplary, the book details American support for human eugenics and forced sterilization and the role that their advocates played in contributing to the Final Solution. This examination is long overdue, for without it, American culture is unlikely ever to reconsider the values that still make it the most animal-exploiting civilization in history.

As disturbing as Eternal Treblinka's revelations are to read, the book's message is one of hope. The last part of the book takes pains to tell the stories of individuals whose links to the Holocaust, both as victims and perpetrators, helped steer them into animal liberation advocacy. If the experience of suffering can generate some good, then the work of those whose memory of suffering moves them to alleviate the suffering of others is that good.

My own parents are an example of individuals whose experiences of suffering did not stifle their impulse to alleviate the suffering of others. They both adored animals and empathized deeply with their plight. For my father, the passion was for horses. At one point in his
unusual military career, he could no longer bear to subject horses to the weight of a human passenger, so he
ended his equestrian days forever. My mother, who, to this day, makes the lengthy acquaintance of each dog she encounters on busy Manhattan streets, has more diverse interests. When small, furry fauna and large insect colonies could still be found everywhere in the borough of Queens, she regularly called my sisters and me away from other tasks to show us some amazing new accomplishment of a local squirrel or earthworm. And yet our requests to keep companion animals were steadfastly rejected, even as families around us, headed by parents less interested in animal life, went through generations of dogs and cats.

The reason always given was the inadvisability of becoming attached to a creature who would eventually die or be killed. My parents were adamant that we not be placed needlessly in situations in which we would have to experience loss and grieving. Only over time did I come to understand that it was the indescribable scale of their own losses during the Nazi era that imbued them with this excessive protectiveness. I eventually came to learn that my father had once had two young daughters and a wife, who were murdered as he watched, shortly before he himself was deported to a series of seven concentration camps, including Auschwitz-Birkenau. My mother, only an adolescent, and newly married, was torn from family in Budapest in 1944 for transport to forced labor, where she survived by employing her artistic gifts as a mender of SS uniforms and regalia. These two uprooted and nearly spent souls ultimately met in a Displaced Persons camp in Salzburg and married quickly, as did so many survivors who somehow formed the resolve to start life anew.

Though my parents wished for me and my two sisters lives of lightheartedness, it was inevitable that we would be drawn by our empathy for their suffering to causes that attempt to uplift the downtrodden. Eventually, when I came to understand that the oppression of non-humans on this Earth eclipses even the ordeal survived by my parents, my fate as an advocate for animals was sealed. At a time when few attorneys
could find paid employment in the animal rights movement, I was blessed to spend years of practice working as investigations counsel for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Today, as I enter the field of public administration, the animals' plight will continue to direct my choices.

During my work on behalf of animal liberation, I have been renewed countless times by the literary masterpieces of Nobel Laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer. Eternal Treblinka is the first work of its kind to describe, in splendid detail, the enormous contribution of this literary genius, who stands, for me and many, as the animals' most compassionate champion in modern literature.

All who are not afraid to understand that the suffering that humans have so relentlessly inflicted on animals over the course of our species' history is one and the same with the suffering that humans often inflict on each other, must read and re-read this book.

Charles Patterson, Ph.D. (
ETERNAL TREBLINKA: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust
ISBN 1-930051-99-9


Circumventing the European Bird Directives:

Italy has a (poorly enforced) hunting law which protects birds in accordance with the EU Directives. In the past, regional authorities permitted hunting of some EU protected species - House Sparrow (Passer domesticus), Tree Sparrow (Passer montanus), Starling (Sturnus vulgaris), and in some cases Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs) and Brambling (Fringilla montifringilla) as 'vermin', but in fact only to gratify the hunters' lobby. These regional decrees usually only remained in force for only one to two months a year before they were rejected by the State because of legal injunctions or protests by the LAC and other anti-hunting groups.

Unfortunately the new Government (headed by the right-wing orientated Premier Berlusconi) now intends to modify the national law in order to give regional authorities direct authority in the matter: this would herald the end of bird protection in Italy, as the regional governments always side with the hunters. Proact has been approached by the Lega Abolizione Caccia (LAC - Italian Anti-Hunting League) and requested to provide rapid and effective support for Italian birders and anti-hunting organisations.

"Italian birders are trying to organize a lobby to reject this terribleproposal, and it will be a very hard debate; if you think Proact could help, we can prepare letters, e-mail addresses and all that is needed for the campaign. We know that Mr. Berlusconi, the italian Prime Minister, is very conscious of public opinion (as a powerful media boss!), and if we can let him know that there is a very strong opposition to this proposal, he might be persuaded to retract the draft legislation."


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On the following pages (Links on the left and below) texts for Premier Berlusconi, responsible ministers, Senators and Parliamentary groups, selected by the LAC, have been prepared. A comprehensive well-researched text provided from Italy and two more direct Proact 'plain speaking' versions. Translations are now also available. Send one, or better ALL of these letters, in translation or both languages, to the mail addresses given TODAY!


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Action of European Association of Zoos and Aquaria

Nov 4, 2001. Sources: and

Skulls as symbols of the extinction of species.... Everyday more gorillas, elephants and numerous other protected species are shot for profit.

At this moment the "bushmeat" trade is big business in West and Central Africa. A small group makes an enormous profit. This illegal pillaging of the jungle has nothing in common with traditional hunting. The natives just get poorer. If the bushmeat trade cannot be driven back, the larger species will be extinct within 10 years: elephants, leopards, bonobos, forest antilopes, gorillas and chimpanzees.

Last year more than one million tons of bushmeat from mostly protected species was sold in Africa. South America and Southeast Asia are following suit with a fast growing trade.

At the end of 2001 Jane Goodall will take action by presenting a petition with numerous signatures to President Prodi of the European Parliament and to the African leaders. November 8th 2001 the Swiss photographer and initiator of the Bushmeat action Karl Amman and Richard Leaky present a petition to the President of the European Ministers for Development and Cooperation mr Eddy Boutmans.

Bushmeat Orphans PASA, the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, is a joint venture of the twelve most important African shelters for monkeys and especially the little "bushmeat orphans" whose mothers have been slaughtered. PASA gives information on this subject. It needs sponsoring to continue its work.



We sent this message to 2000 animal protection organizations - to e-mail adresses we found on www.animalnet. We received less than 10 replies and about 100 people coming from our e-mails visited the sites mentioned below. About 20 protests have been sent. We express our gratitude to the few that understood our cry for help and we ask them to repeat their gesture until the dogs will be saved.
We invite all the others to calculate what are the chances of our dogs if the very fighters for animal rights couldn't care less about their horibble fate - and all we asked for, was a written protest, nothing more!
We have to be persistent, it's all we can do! So, we try again hoping that some of you would remember their mission - otherwise, we don't understand the reason for which you have an address on animalnet. (message received September '01)

Important message received via email on 27/09/01 6:50 AM:

Onderwerp: Dogs massacred in Romania

Dear animal lovers from all over the world,

We need your help to stop the massacre of the stray dogs from Bucharest-Romania.

Because our protests are still resultless and about 3000 dogs are slaughtered by month through hanging, beating to death and poisoning, we need your support for pressuring the romanian representatives to adopt the Law for Animal Protection and also to sanction forcely the author(s) of this atrocity.

We invite you and all the animal lovers you know to visit: to sign the petition addressed to the romanian president and to visit , a page dedicated to the author of this massacre, because we want the whole world to know his face and please write a few words of strong protest and send them autommatically to ready-made lists of romanian or european politicians and mass-media - lists you'll find below the page. A great number of messages could bear enough on those people who can take decisions or manipulate opinions, forcing them to put an end to this abuse against life, against the feelings of the animal lovers.

A few minutes of your time can make the difference.

With hope you'll help us, animal lovers from Romania.


Possible interventions at European Parliament level...

In order to protect man and the environment from the marketing of new chemical substances it is necessary to take the appropriate legal measures to watch over our health.

We must follow carefully the developments coming from the usage of these new substances and we must create a system to catalogue them. In practice we must know and classify the dangers caused by any new substance before selling it.

For this reason a European law, the 92/32/CEE directive, has been created; it envisages a classification system based on the hazardousness of substances and makes provisions for chemical, physical and toxichological tests.

Today, according to the afore-mentioned directive, the hazardousness of a chemical substance is valued using tests on animals. It has been already demonstrated that a series of human cellular crops can undoubtedly evaluate the hazardousness of a substance in a better way than the traditional testing on animals. A 3 cellular crop series can defend the health in a safer, cheaper and quicker way.

We must also underline that the changing of the experimental protocol mentioned in the 92/32/CEE directive, imposes a double duty on legislators both because it demands technological updating and because the 86/609/CEE directive in matter of "protection of animals used for experimental or other specific purposes" imposes a substitution or reduction of the use of animals as much as possible.

This could be rated as secondary compared to citizen security, the process of changing animal testing is a clear objective of the EEC which does not mean the substitution of tests on animals with methods giving the same results, it means obtaining better results.

The revision of the EU chemicals policy, currently under development by the European Commission, provides a unique opportunity for the European Commission to reassess its current approach to chemical testing and regulation. Rather than relying on outdated, unreliable and highly criticised animal-based testing methods, the Commission is now in a position to initiate a new testing programme based on more practical, efficient, cost-effective and humane methods. Such an approach will not only save animals' lives, but also benefit environmental protection, human safety and consumer confidence.

Our proposal fits properly in the European Campaign "Stop EU Chemical Tests", which asks not to start the new EU chemicals testing programme until alternative methods will be validated, and proposes various recommendations; we propose three specific alternative methods which have been proved to be more effective than the LD50 method currently used.

In this particular case Europarliamentary intervention possibilities are few, since the ECVAM (European Centre for the Validation of Altenative Methods) is in charge of approving alternative methods. It has been expressly created by the European Parliament.

The ECVAM Centre has already got all the data we put in this report, so a Europarliament member could only:

1. officially ask for the opinion of the Centre in the new methods, and, only if they hadn't done this already;

2. ask for the approval of these methods

The quality of the three methods we have been considering is so high that obtaining the approval and the modification of the experimental protocol of the 92/32/CEE directive should occur as a consequence.

For this particular case, a Europarliament member could, with the minimum of effort and with no responsibility, ask for official information, follow and co-ordinate a process destined to improve the quality of experimental protocols and protect human health.