The object of the crime: a poisoned chicken leg

1. To catalogue poisoning cases by place, time, agent, involved animals, suspects, etc., i.e., to chart the problem and force it into the judicial/political agenda. It is crucial to get informal as well as official support from the Portuguese to change the situation.

2. To invite owners of poisoned animals to report the poisoning incident to the police.

3. To improve means and procedures for diagnosis and emergency treatment of poisoning, i.e., information and emergency kits for animal owners. See

Tratamento de emergência das intoxicações

Emergency treatment of intoxications

4. To ban or restrict the sale of agents misused in the poisoning of animals or people.

5. To publicly campaign - not forgetting the schools - against the barbarism, cowardice and criminality of poisoning of animals.

6. To design, facilitate and support procedures against any suspects wherever animal poisoning incidents have occurred.