Photograph shows Francois Hugo of Seal-Alert South Africa with rescued cape fur seals




Drop down your weapons

And forget your mindless hunt

As in order for peace to happen

Its message has to be clear and blunt.

Listen! Where is the damn fun!.

In maiming and shooting.

Such gracious, prestigious creatures.

As it's their history too that they're polluting.

Shredding seal bulls of their dignity.

Horrors of the high seas drip from every pore.

Envisioning the blood, the echoing shrieks.

Of baby carcasses being clubbed on the shore..

So let's show the way in rediscovering the heart.

By rescuing them away from the inflicting sin.

As all they want is the chance to swim freely.

And to share their love that glows within..

© Daniel North.



I hear the chugging sound of boat propellers

Suddenly in the currents murder is smelt

Whilst the locust faced fishermen

Scan vastly to prize their cherished pelt.

Thinking that this is my last heartbeat

A rampant tribal drum pounding in the tide

I am unsure in where to look amongst this suffering

Please help me; I need a guardian angel by my side.

As I begin to visualise boiling crimson oceans

And the fanatic chants that have ripped me from my sleep

Looking for the gun wounds, that I felt were so real

A nightmare of a moral for all of mankind to keep.

As we have grown so ignorant through a perceived dominance

Ravaging the pleasures of the swallowing sea

Do we still remember that we are mere tourists?

On a planet that's linked by love and held by gravity.

So allow our spirit to lead the thunderous numbers

That can crumble away the fur seals unjust demise

And offering a minute for gentleness and understanding

By seeing it all within their eyes.

© Daniel North



Too many cracks appearing

And there's not enough sense

There's too many tongues being tied

Too much back slapping . . . . .

Too much sitting on the fence.

Too many elastic band brains

Are snapping back all the time

Too many sit down meetings

Are escaped by too many lies . . . .

Why has compassion become such a crime?

Against the fishermen that pack guns

Instead of their lures and rods

There’s too many cover ups

Too much smudging of the law

Too many Indians, too many gods.

But there are the strong few

That can look for truth and impartiality

That can break the encrypted numbers

That can make the seals free

Putting the maggots back on the hook

Regaining all of which they took

Resuming dignity within the sea

And need I ask who they are?

It comes from people like you and me.

© Daniel North



Let us silence the sound of pain

The cries, the gun shots, that's heard under the claret rain

What gives man the right to encroach on their world?

And why does he always interfere with nature, for pointless gain?

Always taking more than he ever needs

Innocent seals becoming scapegoats for these drag trawlers of greed

Listen - carers of the sea's wildlife, will never give up the fight

So maybe everyone else should learn to take heed.

Money of the taxpayer is spent on this madness instead for good

Life on the east coast, being bludgeoned by clubs of wood

In a unregulated mass slaughter and it's toll is still rising

Whilst we look over the howling bodies of the harp seal and hood

Why can't they realise the importance of the sea

We need to tell the government that this is the 21st century

Instead of wasting another part of mother natures splendour

And stop this hunt forever, so that they can be truly free.

© Daniel North



Let us purify the gory waters of Réunion

And cleanse away this appalling atrocity

As innocent animals are being left for shark bait

Plunged into the abrupt suffering of the sea.

After having their noses pieced

With a hefty metal hook

If you want to see if this is wrong

Just peer into every terrified look!

Hear them scream in torment

As another hook cuts through their leg

But why should creatures endure such callousness

Is it because they are weak and unable to beg?

Why can't they realise that animals are here to aid mankind

After all aren't they meant to his best friend

And if this is how he repays them

There's so much love he needs to amend.

That is why the French government really needs to do more

The embassy in these times, has to be the creatures voice

When cracking down on the fishermen of wickedness

So that the heart of benevolence has a chance to rejoice.

© Daniel North



Well, it must take such guts

To shoot a baby cub that's in a cage

Using its existence as nothing but a trophy

The sheer thought of it brings both

Tears of sadness and a burning rage.

For kings of the bungle

That stuff their heads without care

Who never think about morals

Nor the affects that has now deadened

The brightness of their souls flare.

So allow these noble creatures to roam freely

Where the merciless breeding farms once stood

Thus rebuilding our spiritual connection with animals

And finally putting the lid on

This canned hunting for good.

© Daniel North



We can erase this fake elegance

In which the media constantly glamorise

But sometimes it's too hard to compose

As in these lines, faces appear and traumatise.

Of millions of fur bearing animals

Like foxes, raccoons, minks and bobcats

Are being brutally drowned, strangled

Left in traps and bludgeoned with bats.

But what if the tables were turned

Would they still parade and gloat?

Knowing that every cell has a memory

When the knife slices into their throat.

Just so that they can shield

The gain seen in their precious pelt

But with such good imitations on the market

We need to be thinking more in how they felt.

Instead of the innocent being poisoned

Biting themselves out of a bottomless despair

Because they are ignorant to comprehend

That it's theirs! It was never ours to wear.

© Daniel North



When will they all realise

That animals have feelings too?

Instead of exploiting them

With degrading acts

That the ring master

Forces them to do.

Humiliating their intelligence

By making them dance or jump through a hoop

As the baiting crowd applauds

That masks their inner torment

And the cheers that blank out

The lonely heads that sadly droop.

Neglecting their authority

Just in the name to entertain

But we never see the full picture

Like what's behind the curtain;

The thrashing of blood soaked bodies

Or the verbal abuse that deepens pain.

We need to stop this dire cruelty

That is poisoning this world all around

So that animals can be at harmony at last

By driving these corrupted circuses

Of sheer heartlessness

Right out of town

. © Daniel North



Hearing murmurs of agony
Visions of burnt, raw skin, blinded by chemicals
Ripped fur on the metal whilst restrained
As the cries of pain echo down the halls.

Of the white clinical labs
In which they try to escape
Breaking bones and snapping necks
As another carcass inertly drapes.

You are just all words and no action
As you keep saying that you are changing your views
On unneeded testing, but its still going on
The lies are thin now; the excuses are nothing but old news.

But we all are aware of your game
We are hot on your tracks though the maze
As you protect yourself from the lawsuits
Like what happened with Draize.

You haven't a care for animal welfare
But focus your interests into money spinning promotions
Instead of thinking of better alternatives
Where's your heart, where is your given emotions?

This cruelty must cease
These morals are stripped into a shamble
Because if they don't alter their pitiless ways
Please don't buy anything from Procter & Gamble.

© Daniel North