Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Here is a message about Veggie Vision - It would be fabulous if you worldwide contacts fancied checking it out and getting involved - its for vegans n veggies (everything is vegan of course) & we aim to think of non veggies when filming - as we dont want to just preach to the converted!!

Pls add VeggieVision to your favourites! Pls forward this email on! Thanks!

Hi Veggie Vision Viewer!

Here is the latest with VeggieVision:

*The new programmes and channels are now live!

* Check Out an exclusive interview with actor Jerome Flynn AND Benjamin Zephaniah

* Check out new VeggieVision presenters Jay Dave and Jeff Chandler

*The programmes are now available in 2 formats - RealPlayer and Windows Media Player (this is all done behind the scenes).

*We have evolved the Credits page into Meet the Team

With best vegan wishes, all the VeggieVision team!

*PR and events for people who make a difference*

* Veggie Internet TV station - cookery, celebs, info*