Received: Friday, March 10, 2006

People working with animals, either for profit or protective motives, might develop into collectors of animals loosing their focus on animal welfare and eventually turn into animal abusers.
See: Psychiatric Times Article by The Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium, Corresponding Author Randy Frost, Ph.D. www.psychiatrictimes.com/p000425.html
And go to www.animalpeoplenews.org/06/01/USsupremect&hoarded01.06.htm



And here you find detailed infos about the EDNAH /Tammy Hanson case (Erics Dog Blog: One of the best and most read blogs in the
After Katrina Disaster)

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=> Tuesday, October 25, 2005 "The truth is we do know"

I don't think the jury needs to come back for me to understand the truth. Tammy is a classic hoarder. Hoarders come with great powers of practiced deception and are able to convince the unwitting and even the experienced that they are legitimate. They pray on our weakness to want to find loving homes for our animals. AND THEY ARE GOOD!!! Her initial emails to people described a Lakeside Retreat where animals swam daily. Anyone remember those? We bought it.

The hoarder is no different than the alcoholic who is skilled at hiding his booze or the anorexic that tells all that they did in fact eat dinner. It's a mental illness and well documented. The hoarder rarely stops when caught and blames everyone but themselves for the mess they have created. I have seen reports of her coaching her supporters to blame this on a big conspiracy from the sheriff, the Humane Society and dozens of others. Tammy needs to get help. Her lawyer and her friends and supporters should intervene and help her. Tammy can't see her disease (think anorexic and alcoholic) herself. To her the shelter she provided looks perfectly fine and if it isn't well it is someone else's fault. Her response is that she spent $98,000 on dog food last year. Being rich doesn't make you a credible handler of animals.

Did she ask for help when things got out of hand? No she in fact hid her sanctuary knowing deep inside that legitimate people would see right through her. She has never requested help and in fact lied about the conditions as is classic in collecting. I hear that she would not let Pasado fully in? and now we know why.

Several people have stepped up to support Tammy and to say that "she loves animals."
These folks are the unwitting dupes who just need to hear great things about animals from Tammy herself to support her. Not one has shown Tammy’s experience with animals. All have talked only to Tammy who continues to con them. In fact many such as a Winn Dixie volunteer who witnessed her as she came to take animals from them have told me that Tammy has virtually no skills or knowledge about caring for animals and no skills at dealing with aggressive animals. She seemed a bit odd and manic was one description. Tammy tells people, "I know this looks bad but it is the fault of…..." No Tammy it is the fault of a disease and your husband and supporters are enablers.

If you want to support Tammy close your eyes and imagine the conditions of those dogs 30 days, 60 days and 90 days from now. She didn't even have the skills to get the Pits out of the cages and she probably would not have.

Are we to think that the farm got that way overnight? Just since Katrina? The list of problems is too large to mention – no fixed animals, no shelter, no vets, no volunteers, puppies being born every day, tons of trash and maggots piled high, 75+animals running loose, 200+ Katrina animals in cages for weeks with no walks and no attention. This problem was not on its way to being "fixed." Saying Tammy was overwhelmed is like saying the Titanic had a leak. It was beyond repair. She may have been "ok" before Katrina with 100-200 animals but the conditions were still not up to standard. During Katrina her instincts to "save at all costs" probably kicked in due to the imagery we all saw on TV.

Stop enabling her and get her help. She is not doing animals any good as you can see. She has a history of doing this in another state. I read the article and the police described her property in that state as a small scale problem of what they found in Arkansas. Tammy in an interview today say groups begged her to take animals. My information is that Tammy traveled from group to group begging to take animals. Then these groups called on her when they had no other solutions and were desperate. Tammy’s interview is showing today that she is ready to blame others and not herself.


2. => Saturday, October 22, 2005 "The truth is we don't know the truth -- But these animals need help"
When the case reached public view

3) ericsdogblog.blogspot.com/2006/01/ednah-sheriff-to-thank.html

=> Monday, January 16, 2006 "EDNAH- A Sheriff To Thank"

Hoarders and Abusers no longer safe even in the smallest counties in America.
Tammy Hanson has been convicted on 20 counts of animal cruelty, and had a big surprise as she was arrested on 6 new warrants from Arkansas and 1 new felony warrant from MO this afternoon in Baxter County Ark. She was taken into custody by Sheriff John Montgomery of Baxter County Ark. and will be extradited to MO. The look on her face was said to be one of astonishment. She had no idea these new charges were coming. In case you didn't know it she applied for a breeders license in MO and that just ticked everyone off that she would thumb her nose at the current situation/charges. This lady thought her Sh** didn't stink. I was promised the information as it unfolded and they delivered as I got a phone call this evening. Those close to the case said she really thought she was going to get off. Typical hoarder mentality - I did no wrong, I can care for them better, It is a conspiracy! She still seems to have some friends, husband and lawyer who are enabling her. She is never going to stop so she needs to be tracked wherever she goes. The thought that she would be so cavalier as to go apply for a breeders license!