I would like to share my worries about Armenian Zoo - Terrible situation in Armenian Zoo.

You can find the standards of EAZA on the EAZA website www.eaza.net Go to "Mission"and then "Policies".
The EAZA Standards dating from 1994 are currently being updated.

Request Karine of Animals' Rights in Armenian Highlands :
"Also I would like to know if there is european standards for zoos in European Countries, so maybe we can use this in our further actions.
Also i got an advice to write to governmental structures about Zoo. They know about this situation very well but they don't care about it. Population also ignore animals and their rights, because they dont have such education to respect animals'rights and protect them. If you are interested in more detailed terrible actions against animals please read www.hetq.am/eng/society/0502-safari.html and maybe you will understand that government can not be good support in this issue. I think it will be better to have european countries animals' protection organizations' attention on this issue and their influence to our governmental structures. Our organization is ready to cooperate with international organizations of Animals' welfare and solve really dramatic situation of animals here. We think that Zoo should be shut down and start intensive actions against cruelty of population here.
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Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 06:43:11 -0000
From: "kara_pog" kara_pog@yahoo.com

Subject: Terrible situation in Armenian Zoo

I would like to share my worries about Armenian Zoo.

The zoo, which is government controlled, is run down and the poor animals are not living well at all. We first went to see the bears and what I saw was upsetting but not as shocking as what I would see later. The zoo has three bears who are not in bad shape, but the ground of the area in which they reside was almost completely covered by their own excrement. There were few clean places for them to sit and as a result their fur was a bit soiled.
The water that was provided for them to swim in "which was clean compared to other areas of the zoo" was littered with plastic bags and popcorn.

Speaking of litter, there was trash strewn everywhere, as can be noticed at virtually every public rest/relaxation area throughout Armenia.
There was not one patch of space that did not have plastic bottles or bags on it. Naturally the bags and other crap float around
when a gust of wind comes through the place and thus you have animals living with litter in their areas.

Many of the animals were clearly sick and malnourished. The ostriches totally ignored the large tub of rotten apples and bits of bread given them to eat. The foxes in their pens were thirsty, pacing back and forth or curled up in a corner. We saw no water laid for them, although a slab of rotten meat had been thrown into one of the pens that had been ignored.

All the animals stand and sleep on concrete or asphalt, which are in turn covered in their own feces. There is no grass or anything organic for that matter for the ostriches or other birds to walk on.
And one area that contained swans had only a small pool of standing water about 10 feet long and three feet wide for them to swim in, which was completely filthy with green muck and litter, as were all the water pools in the zoo.
There are even two hippopotamuses who do not dare venture into their own swimming place, also very small, as
it is unfit for bathing. Both were baking in the sun, and I don't understand how they survive with no fresh water.

Several trees have been cut throughout the zoo, so now there is virtually no shade for many of the animals that need it. Some of the slopes that line the zoo boundaries have been completely voided of their greenery, so now there is only sand and rocks. Many of the animals are clearly not being cared for at all. The lamas have dirty, matted coats that need to be tended to, and the one seemingly confused elephant, who for some reason has a chain winding around its front right foot, is covered in dust and dirt.

It is unfair to these defenseless animals that they be subjected to such disasterous conditions. These animals in public display are meant to be respected and admired˘instead they are scorned and humiliated.

Attached are some pictures of our Zoo.

Being an organization "Animals' Rights in Armenian Highlands" we would like to have your suggestions concerning animals welfare, zoo standards etc etc.

Thank you in advance for your interest and time to this article.

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Thank you for your interest to my article about Armenian Zoo. I am sending pictures taken there. These are only small part of animals we have there. Also I would like to know if there is european standards for zoos in European Countries, so maybe we can use this in our further actions.

Thank you in advance for your support and attention.

Best Wishes


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