From: Irene Sriboonwong irene.sriboonwong@doj.ca.gov
RENEE COSTANZO arcdogs@yahoo.com
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 11:35:47 -0800

Subject: Can someone help? Will pay

FYI. This couple has gone through great lengths in looking for their 2 lost dogs for months now. They have good reason to believe that one of their dogs is with a homeless man out in Venice. I know the pain of having a beloved pet that's missing and just wonder if you know someone out there who can help them check the Venice Pier for their dog. They are willing to pay for the effort. Their e-mail is rodeo33rpm@mac.com Thanks.

"Since there were two witnesses in the last month who said they saw a homeless man with a pitbull dog that could be Drake
DRAKE is 11 years old
pitbull/labrador mix
mainly black with white markings,
around 55-60 lbs

I've been advised by street people to walk the promenade on Venice Beach up to the Pier every morning at 6- 9 a.m. That a lot of homeless take their dogs there at this time.
I physically can't be there as I have children and my husband works late nights, so I have to be home that time. Is there anyone who knows of someone who could have a look a few mornings for me? I would pay them something for their time."