Lady is seeking adoption!
I'm a lady in every sense of the word. I've just been spayed, and I'm looking for a good home, a loving person or family who appreciates the privilege of having a rescued mixed breed. Anything you can do for me?

To adopt me, please fill out the adoption form at: animals.beirut.com/adoption.php
Alternately, we can fax you the adoption form. Just email us the number.
You can also fill out a hard copy of the form at Dr. Ali Hemadeh's Pet Care veterinary clinic in Hamra next to Idriss. We will pick it up from there and get back to you.

Kind regards,

Visit my page at: animals.beirut.com/view_animal.php?ID=253



Here we are, some of the many dogs for adoption at Animals@Beirut.com

If interested in adopting any of us, please fill out the adoption form at:

To know more about us, visit our constantly updated individual pages at:
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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Here we are: the gorgeous adoptable dogs of Animals@Beirut.com (BETA)!

Check us out in the online dog adoption catalogue by clicking the "Dogs Seeking Adoption" link at animals.beirut.com. Dogs are listed alphabetically. Click "next" at the bottom of the catalogue pages to scroll to the next page.

If you think we look good in pictures, wait till you meet us in person. Aren't you just aching for a rendez-vous with legends?

The spotted series...
1- Dunkin
2- Angel
3- Shtroumfette
4- Alfredo
5- Jazz
6- Verdun
7- Mickey

The pointer family...
1- Jake
2- Daisy
3- Violette
4- Tulipe
5- Rosie
6- Lucky

The golden/chocolate darlings...
1- Rush
2- Lili
3- Mikalli
4- Princess
5- Orangino
6- Brownie
7- Byblos
8- Anya
9- Frida
10- Jumbo

The black & brown gang...
1- The Dude
2- Max
3- Lady

The black beauties...
1- Blacky
2- Nelly
3- Pepsi

The Mixed German Shepherd crowd...
1- Candy
2- Pucci
3- Chippers
4- Idefix
5- Yogibear

The Mixed Terrier orphan puppy miracles...
1- Sarah
2- Tia
3- Glouton
4- Winston
5- Wilma
6- Mousse
7- Jerry
8- Minie

The Mixed Husky adorables...
1- Bam Bam
2- Mixed Husky Puppies

The Pitbull couple
- Pamela & Tommy Lee

The petite munchkins...
1- Jade
2- Snowie
3- Alex

P.S. The above is not the full list! We've got more that don't exactly fit into the above categories...and more being rescued at the very moment we're writing this email! Any name suggestions, anyone? We're running out!

Kind regards,
BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)