International Anti-Whaling Commission Inauguration Meeting Cape Town 25 March 2006

Dear Everyone
I have attached the above documents for your attention.
If you have not completed the document please do so now or alternatively you may complete the document at the day of the meeting. Every applicant/nominee will become part of the IAWC in one way or the other and receive up to date info regarding the whaling catastrophe. Various sub committees will be formed to advise the Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee i.e. Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and various post need to be filled in terms of standard voting procedures. International post from abroad have been filled which becomes part of the IAWC,an International Campaign that can take a very strong stand against Japan and other countries slaughtering whales,dolphind and seals etc.
However, we require more nominations from abroad so that a strong link can be formed.
The success of these committees will depend on participation.
We depend on each and every whale lover to make an effort to attend this World Historic Whale Meeting.
I thank you!

Ken Botes
Whale Mark NPO
Cell 0834163062 or;
Beverley Lakay
Director PRO
Cell 0844444926 or 0724555956
Tel/Fax: +27 21 9300779 Cape Town,Rep.of South Africa

IAWC- International Anti-Whaling Commission to be formed in Cape Town very soon.This event will be documented by Kisambo Television Productions.Date and time of first meeting will follow once certain formalities are complied with.Chairman,Vice Chairman,Advisory Board and relevant titles of encumbents etc. will be open for nominations.You may nominate yourself as well.Whale Mark will be convener of meeting and preferably wish to become part of the Advisory Board.
Interested and affected parties and individuals are requested to forward names without delay so that an assessment could be made to determine the framework of the IAWC in advance. All applicants will have to be incorporated into the IAWC as a matter of collective bargaining power.
This includes international parties as well.
WE depend on your support.
Agenda of the meeting will be circulated in due course and the venue,date and time.
NB We have received nominations from a wide spectrum of associations which is a good sign i.e.whale watching boat operators,IWC Committee Member,shipping agents,magazine editor,a host of celebrities,and appears to be the entire animal protection groups in South Africa and to some extent abroad but we require every country to come on board.
Nominations were submitted from the Netherlands,Laos,USA,Ireland,UK,
Vietnam,Australia,South Africa to name a few but we require support from every country to ensure the impact created is respected and will change the entire convention on whaling it rightfully deserves, once and for all. It would be tough going at first and we should have no illutions about this but we are positive about the outcome.Obviously,the IAWC will be a permanent organization for the simple reason that whaling countries will always try to manipulate any ruling in favour of commencement of whaling.
So,please forward your details without delay! Thanks very much for your support.
Permanent office facilities will be made available free of charge at Whale Mark's proposed whaling museum which incidently will be the most modern and biggest in the Southern Hemisphere.Thanks for your support.Please forward your names now or nominated names so that we may data base your info for administrative purposes as founder members of the IAWC and as office bearers.We require Office Bearer(s) in every country.
Our new Website will be up and running in due course.Please be patient.
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1 February 2006

In order to impound on the activities and functions of the International Whaling Commission and countries killing whales for commercial and bogus scientific research it was considered, due to public and international demand to form an organization that can take a stand against any country or organization that favours the killing of whales.

As you know Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd has been at the forefront for many years to try to stop whaling activities in our oceans. They have been treated with contempt and harassment by certain members of the IWC and various countries much to the dismay of the international community. and conservation groups.

We are therefore compelled to stand up for the rights to protect our whales and call upon you to join this new organization.
A constitution will have to be drafted and your input is crucial.
You will be classified as a founder member.
The establishment of this organization will have to be determined and post will have to be filled as soon as possible.
You are free to suggest candidates for this newly formed organization and it might not be crucial if any candidate has a limited experience in whaling matters or none at all.
All that is required is a love for the sea and a passion for whales.
Any organization who wishes to become partners or form alliances will contain its own independency, integrity and constitution or whatever he wishes to maintain. All that is required is to join us and collectively we can united in unification and thereby speak with one voice.
This proposed newly formed commission will function once all legal formalities are complied with and not before.
We call upon you to make this happen.
The IWC is having its meeting in May 2005 and we need to prepare what action will be taken against them.
We trust that we will receive the necessary support from you and await your nominations, instructions and advice. as soon as possible.
Hundreds of thousands of whales have been killed in the Antarctic alone and still the end is not in sight as Japan is ignoring the world at large by killing thousands in the Whaling Sanctuary since 1986.Norway is killing thousands and Iceland has joined the killing spree as well. We can stop this if we approach this intellectually and utilize all means to our disposal. That means are the IAWC.
Please let us get our act together and do something about this.
We await your nominations.
Thank you very much

Ken Botes
Whale Mark
Mobile 0834163062
Tel/fax 27 21 9300779

Beverley Lakay
Director PRO
Email address

NB Nominations to reach us on or before the 25 March 2006 when this historical meeting will be held. After this date canvassing for additional members will be an ongoing process to include every country on the globe.
No CVs required at this stage but if you wish to forward it please feel free to do so.
Fundraising will have to be conducted to ensure officials are remunerated admirably and if you want to donate any funds in the meantime please do so.

Organizations, who wish to become partners or form alliances, will be accepted without preconditions as long as the right of whales and other animals is not negotiable in any manner or form.
Head Office of the IAWC in Parow, Cape Town.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Inauguration of The International Anti Whaling Commission (IAWC)
18 February 2006

Nominations/Selected Founder Members need to submit the following information as soon as possible or on or before 25 March 2006.Date of meeting 25 March 2006 at 10am.To last until 12h00.Location Goodwood Library Hall, Voortrekker Road, Goodwood Cape Town. Nominees/selected members in Ireland, Brittan, Australia, USA,Canada, Vietnam,Brittan, Netherlands, Japan, Laos and other countries who wishes to attend the meeting physically please confirm this in the annexure.
If you wish to remain in your country during the inauguration meeting your name will be recorded as a founder member reaping all benefits the new constitution will provide. Once certain formalities are complied with the IAWC will endeavor to hold yearly meetings in various countries.

Name Country Email/Telephone/
Fax Your Present Occupation if applicable Why do you consider it important to join IAWC (briefly)

Any Other Information you consider relevant (state briefly). Also state whether you will be able to attend the meeting in Cape Town 25 March 2006
Remember, you need not have to have experience in whaling at all!
Your passion and desire to voice your concern to protect and save our whales in the Southern Atlantic Whale Sanctuary and other areas is critical. Please join us now!

Kind Regards

Ken Botes (Temporary Convener)
O/b of the IAWC
Forward/Reply to: or alternatively