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Subject: Flooding disaster in Romania!

Flooding Disaster in Romania, April 2006

Apr 18, 2006 — By Bogdan Cristel

“BISTRET, Romania (Reuters) - Ten thousand Romanians faced evacuation on Tuesday as rescue workers raced to fix a broken dam on the Danube before the swelling river could flood their low-lying villages.

The Danube continued to rise in southeast Europe after reaching its highest level in more than a century over the weekend, fed by heavy rains and melting snow.

Thousands of hectares of farmland, as well as several ports and villages across the Balkans were already under water and torrential rains were expected to start in Romania late on Tuesday.

Romanian authorities said the situation was critical in the southern village of Bistret where villagers helped the army to carry sandbags in their horse-drawn carts to fix a breach in a nearby dam.

"I remember how hard I worked to build this dam in the 1960s, and I thought this dam was never going to break," 80-year-old Dumitru Bratan said. "I am so glad that the army is helping us. I hope everything will be fine."

Rescue teams prepared to move 10,000 people from nine villages in the area, including Bistret, to hospitals and schools in higher-lying settlements if the dam-fixing failed.

The Danube receded slightly where it leaves Serbia to enter Romania, but water levels were on the rise further east as the flood wave traveled to Tulcea and Constanta counties where people hurried to reinforce dykes.

"Another rain shower and the whole town will be flooded and there's little we can do to stop it, because water will come from the sewers," Cernavoda deputy mayor Gheorghe Hemes told Antena 3 TV station.

TV footage also showed that most of Galati port in the southeast of the country was underwater with some 1,500 workers and volunteers trying to build a 7 km (4 mile) barrier to protect residential areas.

More than 1,000 people were evacuated in Romania overnight, mostly in southern Dolj county, taking the total up to more than 4,700. Around 600 houses were flooded and 170 destroyed. “
(Reuters News, April 2006)

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The problems started when the Romanian media announced that a Japanese citizen died in Bucarest after being bitten by a stray.

TV stations organized all sorts of talk shows presenting the serious overpopulation problem all over the country, the lack of real solutions applied so far to control and/or diminish this problem.

They compared how quickly and efficiently the problem was solved years ago in Western Europe.

Officials insist that dogs from the streets should be kept less in local pounds for a possible adoption to be taken back if lost by owners.

Now the legal period is 14 days, they now want to make it 3 days.

They want to give big penalties (Euro 500) for people who rescue dogs from the pound and then release them back onto the streets.

The newspaper article translated as follows.

The authorities are looking for responsible solutions.

Being the loser in the fight homeless animals problem for years Bucarest authorities are about to take strict measures.


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