From: alan cooper cetaceadefenceuk@yahoo.co.uk
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005
Subject: dirty fingers in dirty pies; A new feature on the web-site

Dirty fingers in dirty pies
If you know of companies or countries that are exploiting marine animals, let us know and we'll add them to the list . This list , as it stands is not meant to be exhaustive, its just a starters, unfortunately.


Bud brewed by Anheuser Busch which owns the SeaWorld Prisons in the USA. They also market Michelob beer and Eagle snacks

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Thomson Holidays

Promoting dolphin abuse at Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt

The ignorance of children can be forgiven, but not that of an International travel company of repute'


Faroe Isles, Japan, Norway and Iceland are the main protaganists.

In 1993 a campaign to stop the slaughter of cetaceans by the Faroe Islanders was launched in the UK by targetting their exports of fish. Despite the campaign Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Sainsburys and Somerfield continued to sell fish from the Isles. Sadly the campaign fizzled out, yet Safeways, Asda, Iceland and the Co-op did join in the boycott and the Islanders lost around 12 million in sales. In 2005 it is safe to say the bad companies are still selling Faroese fish, nothing is known about the 'good' companies policy now.
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a neonate( baby) pilot whale slaughtered in 1997. Are they that hungry in the Faroes Isles. Are UK companies that hungry and uncaring in their pursuit of profits

Japan. boycott their products everything and everywhere

Boycott Norway and its products.

Fred Olsen shipping and Scandinavian airlines are Norwegian companies.


Iceland's most important markets for fish exports are the US, UK and Germany, (where the public are strongly opposed to commercial whaling). If you must buy fish, (Cetacea Defence advocates a vegan diet for your health and the health of your planet and its whales and dolphins) check the source, if it says produce of Iceland and for that matter any of the other whale and dolphin killers Norway, the Faroe Isles and Japan.


The slaugher of around 300.000 harp seals every year. Marine Land in Ontario and Vancouver Aquarium ( notorious dolphinariums)