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Please take action and forward widely!!
Countless THOUSANDS of Animals will suffer horrendous, prolonged and painful deaths –
being torn apart by hunting dogs or dying slowly of wounds inflicted by bullets and crossbows ..

Dear Friends,

It is with tears in our eyes, that we read this --

This is an URGENT 'Call for Action' being requested from all GOOD people. Please help STOP this barbaric killing.

Please send your letter / email / fax to :

Ian Macdonald (Minister for Primary Industries) to reach by 4th February 2006, with a copy to :

Game Council,
The Greens,

& Gun Control Australia

(details towards the end of this email). Please pass on this message to your friends and networks.

Thank you very much, for your most kind and generous support to ALL living creatures, great and small, and for being such caring citizens and doing the right thing.!
The World League for Protection of Animals Box 211 Gladesville 2111.

Killing for fun is now a function of government

Crossbows, rifles and dogs to be used

You can help stop the killing! Let's start by asking -

What's happening?
The general public has been given 30 days to comment on the announcement by NSW Natural Resources Minister, Ian Macdonald, that licensed recreational hunters will use crossbows, rifles and dogs to hunt and kill feral cats, dogs, deer, goats, pigs and foxes in State Forests and on public lands. This will occur after a two day trial in four locations.

Who is managing this program?
The program will be managed by the Game Council, a body representing licensed game hunters and dominated by nominees of hunting organisations.

What are the problems with this?
Leader of the Democrats, Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans said when Game Council legislation was discussed in Parliament: "The bill assumes that the Game Council and hunters have the same interests in controlling feral animals as do conservationists. However, the conservationists do not get a say into what happens. It could be argued that Dracula is in charge of the blood bank."

The Game Council represents hunters. Not the wider community. And certainly not the animal welfare/rights movement. There are widely different views about killing for pleasure. It is the role of Government to ensure accountability to the general public through involving relevant sectors of the community in such a controversial program. This is not occurring.

What are the human issues?
The link between violence towards animals and violence towards people is now well-established. Violence leads to violence.

Recent research shows evidence of a relationship between hunting and illegal aggression. (Co-occurrence of Human Violence, Criminal Behaviour and Animal Abuse: Implications for Hunting Behaviour – Elleonora Gulllone Dept of Psychology Monash University)

At a time when our society is nominally opposed to violence and gun use, it is actually promoting both these things by passing legislation which attempts to legitimise killing as a pastime

Shooting is dangerous - for people as well as animals, one study showing that on average 560 Australians are hospitalised every year as a result of injuries from firearms. The hunting rifle is the most common type of firearm used in both accidental and self-inflicted injuries.

In bringing the Game Act into force, this government must stand condemned in the eyes of all who oppose violence and cruelty and all who wish our bushland areas to remain safe for the people of NSW – and its animals - to enjoy.

What does "feral" mean?
The Collins Concise Dictionary gives as one of the meanings of feral, "savage, brutal", from the Latin ferus, meaning savage. We might ask: whom should we therefore label "feral"? Animals brought to this country in horrific conditions for our profit and amusement? Or those of our own species who derive pleasure from killing, or are prepared to endorse this cruelty?
Is hunting a "recreational and cultural exercise?"
The Game Council's acting chief executive, Brian Boyle, sees hunting as a recreational and cultural exercise. It is alarming that a person with such a viewpoint is managing this program. We wonder how recreational the animals find it. We also wonder at a culture that enjoys seeing animals suffer and die.

Will the program reduce numbers of feral animals and help preserve wildlife?
It's unlikely. Long experience shows that fast-breeding so-called "pest" species are unlikely to be wiped out by recreational hunting.

The major source of feral dogs is lost or abandoned hunting dogs. Killing cats will result in substantial increases in numbers of rabbits, rats, mice and some introduced bird species. It is clear that species inter-relationships have simply not been considered.

Hunters want to ensure the continuing presence of their quarry. If they kill all or most of them, they will be robbed of the pleasure of hunting them.

A State Government enquiry into feral animals revealed that hunters deliberately release pigs into the wild so as to provide the targets they find pleasure in killing. The release of foxes into Tasmania has also been considered the work of recreational hunters.

The strength of hunter commitment to kill only feral animals must be open to doubt. It was only after strong public condemnation of proposed legislation which allowed the killing of a range of species, that the emphasis moved to killing feral animals.

Policing hunter behaviour in remote areas is next to impossible.

However ineffective the Game Council will be in reducing numbers of introduced animals or protecting native wildlife, it is very effective in using politicians to achieve its own ends. Its funding has been increased and it is to expand its activities in the areas of research and education - areas critical in influencing public opinion. The likelihood of undesirable attitudinal outcomes resulting from this research and education is enormous.

In a conference organised by the Australian Museum Society in 1997, the point was made that we are blundering around the environment "like an elephant in a pansy patch". An in-depth discussion of threats to biodiversity at the conference led to NO mention of feral animals, but focussed on what is generally regarded as the prime cause of species loss - human activity, especially human destruction and disturbance of habitat. Unless the fundamental issue of placing limits on human encroachment on the natural environment is addressed, species loss will substantially increase, with disastrous consequences for the human and non-human inhabitants of this once richly diverse continent.
As long as the Game Act and the Game Council are in operation, the suffering will continue. Unless we win this battle, there is little doubt that regardless of the views expressed in the "consultation" period, our forested areas will be thrown open to the killing, making them unsafe for general recreation and with many animals, both introduced and native, dying often slow and horrific deaths from crossbows and rifles or torn apart by dog attack.


1) By 4th February 2006, please send your letter / email / fax to:
Ian Macdonald, Minister for Primary Industries,
Address -- Level 33, Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.
Phone: (02) 9228 3344 (if phoning from outside Australia - 61 2 9228 3344)
Fax: (02) 9228 3452 (if faxing from outside Australia - 61 2 9228 3452)
Email: macdonald.office@macdonald.minister.nsw.gov.au

and make a copy to :

- Brian Boyle, Acting CEO, Game Council
Address -- PO Box 2506, Orange, New South Wales 2800, Australia.
Ph: (02) 6360 5100 (if phoning from outside Australia - 61 2 6360 5100)
Fax: (02) 6361 2093 (if faxing from outside Australia - 61 2 6361 2093)
Email: ceo@gamecouncil.nsw.gov.au

- Lee Rhiannon MLC, The Greens
Email: lee.rhiannon@parliament.nsw.gov.au

- Sam Lee, Gun Control Australia
Email: ncguncontrol@yahoo.com

For your convenience please find e-mail addresses in the block below. Just copy and paste as follows:

To: macdonald.office@macdonald.minister.nsw.gov.au
Cc: ceo@gamecouncil.nsw.gov.au ; lee.rhiannon@parliament.nsw.gov.au ; ncguncontrol@yahoo.com

Courteously express your deep concern at the proposal and please ask that the program NOT go ahead. You may wish to use some of the points made in this paper - but it’s a good idea to use some of your own thoughts, ideas and concerns as well.

2) Residents of NSW state (Australia) -- Please write and / or speak to your local State Member of Parliament. Courteously ask them to listen to your concerns and oppose the proposed program. If you feel strongly about this cruelty, you may want to let the Minister and your State Member of Parliament know that, come election time, your vote will go to the person or party that works to put an end to the Game Act and Game Council.

For your information:
· The Greens have consistently opposed the Game Act.
· Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, leader of the Democrats, has opposed this Act.
· Some Independent candidates may oppose it.

Spread the word . . .
Talk to friends.
Raise the issue on talkback radio.
Get the message out . .

Say "NO" to killing for pleasure.

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