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"Traditional" animal cruelty is a remnant of ignorant and barbaric times.

Model letter:

Subject: EU disregard for animal rights

Ladies and gentlemen,

Expecting a solid animal welfare paragraph in the EU Constitution we are upset by the proposed exceptions for "traditional" animal cruelty such as festive bullfights, dog races or fox-hunts and the ritual slaughter of conscious animals. We are surprised that a contemporary Constitution includes harmful remnants of ignorant and barbaric times. It should be clear that animal cruelty can never be excused by folkloric, religious or tribal traditions. We might as well legalize torture of prisoners, blood revenge, sexual oppression and other culturally based forms of violence that civilized Europe tries to get rid of. Traditions involving animal cruelty simply are very bad habits that should not be "cultured" but erased.

It is a thin line that divides animal cruelty from violence towards people.
We like to stress the point that for instance the joyful atmosphere - with traditional music and artful dancing and stabbing - around a traditional bullfight breeds the conviction that animal torture is acceptable if not laudable.
Without blinking an eye, probably thanks to this acceptance, some Spanish dog owners discard their dogs traditionally by hanging them on a tree. The young boy riding a horse in a demonstration against the banning of fox-hunts wearing the text "born to hunt" might turn out to be born to kill. Why should we be surprised by the emergence of new traditions like beating up a random bystander as part of "having a good time" on a night out?
Consequently, we regard tolerance for animal cruelty as a public order hazard and a mental health threat.

Considering the harmful nature of aforesaid traditions it is embarrassing to see the proposed EU Constitution giving its blessings to traditional animal cruelty by their member states. If the EU makes exceptions for animal rights, why not make exceptions for human rights? What authority for the EU is left to dispute human rights anyway?
As mentioned before, it is a thin line that divides the violation of animal rights from the violation of human rights.
The following quote of the Eurogroup for Animal Welfare reflects the sorry state of EU interest in the welfare of the category of stray animals that is in highest need of human protection:
"There is no legal basis to have legislation purely on animal welfare grounds in the EU, it is why legislation relating to the way stray animals (considered as companion animals) is the responsibility of the Member
States. To change that, there needs to be a specific article in the Treaty (the Constitutional Treaty, just passed and not yet ratified) making animal welfare an objective of the EU. This is not the case at the moment and it will not be the case in the near future". We regard such callous legalistic opposition to animal protection as a serious and contageous mental health problem.
It is obvious that the expressed EU attitude on animal rights calls for a clear rejection of the EU Constitution proposal unless this offending amendment on Article III-121 is withdrawn.

With kind regards,

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