Subject: Reminding - SUMMER AND ANIMALS - from the website of HSUS - PLEASE SPREAD

* Summer is often a time when people fertilize their lawns and work in their gardens.
But beware: Plant food, fertilizer, and insecticides can be fatal if your pet ingests them.
In addition, more than 700 plants can produce physiologically active or toxic substances in sufficient amounts to cause harmful effects in animals. For more information, see our list of dangerous plants.

* Pets and pools can equal disaster. Prevent free access to pools and always supervise a pet in a pool.

* Provide plenty of water and shade for your pets while they're enjoying the great outdoors so they can stay cool.

* Pets need exercise even when it is hot, but extra care needs to be taken with older dogs short-nosed dogs, and those with thick coats. On very hot days, limit exercise to early morning or evening hours. Keep in mind that asphalt gets very hot and can burn your pet's paws.

* Pets can get sunburned too, and your pet may require sunscreen on his or her nose and ear tips. Pets with light-colored noses or light-colored fur on their ears are particularly vulnerable to sunburn and skin cancer .

* Don't take your pets to crowded summer events such as concerts or fairs. The loud noises and crowds, combined with the heat, can be stressful and dangerous for pets

* For your pet's well being, leave her at home

* Be especially aware of these threats during holidays

* In summer heat your pet can suffer from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. These conditions are very serious and could cause your pet to die. You should be aware of the signs of heat stress, which could include heavy panting, glazed eyes, a rapid pulse, unsteadiness, a staggering gait, vomiting, or a deep red or purple tongue. If your pet does become overheated, you need to immediately lower his body temperature. Move your pet into the shade and apply cool (not cold) water over his body to gradually lower his core body temperature. Apply cold towels or ice packs to your pet's head, neck, and chest only. Let your pet drink small amounts of water or lick ice cubes. Most importantly, get him to a veterinarian immediately.

* It is very dangerous, and in some states illegal, to drive with a dog in the back of a pick-up truck. Not only can flying debris cause serious injury, but a dog may be unintentionally thrown into traffic if the driver suddenly hits the brakes, swerves, or is hit by another car. Dogs should ride either in the cab (in a crate or wearing a seat belt harness designed for dogs) or in a secured crate in the bed of the truck.

Subject: Heat Warning -- Protect Your Dog!
Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2005


It's turning out to be a particularly hot summer and dogs are particularly at risk. Please, please, please read and follow carefully all of these steps. You cannot be TOO cautious when it comes to protecting your dog from the heat.

Get your dog a cooling body wrap and cooling mat. They can wear the body wrap and lie on the mat at home or in the car. These items can be purchased from Party Animal, (928) 453-2220,

If your dog becomes overheated, wet him or her down immediately with cool water and get to a vet as soon as possible. Don't use cold water or ice once your dog has become overheated. It can send him or her into shock.

Keep your dog indoors during the heat of the day. They can be at risk even in a backyard with shade. Don't expect your dog to come in when he or she gets too hot. They love to sunbathe and often don't know they're becoming dangerously overheated.

Keep your air conditioner running all day. If you're concerned abut the cost of electricity or don't have central air, put a window air conditioner in one room of the house and keep your dog there during the day. If you do install a window air conditioner, make sure to have a separate dedicated circuit installed to protect against air conditioner failure because of inadequate electrical power. Most manufacturers of window air conditioners recommend this important safety measure and few people follow through.

Have your central air conditioning serviced NOW and change your home air conditioner filters frequently. An air conditioner that fails during the day while you're not home can be fatal to your dogs

Even if you have central air conditioning, it's a life-saving step to have a window air conditioner installed in one or more rooms to serve as a back-up if your central air goes down during the day. Once again, make sure to have a separate dedicated circuit installed to protect against air conditioner failure because of inadequate electrical power.

Check the temperature in your house or air-conditioned room at various times of the day. A room that is comfortable in the morning can become an oven in the afternoon very, very quickly, with fatal results.

Leave frozen water bottles or a cool mat in your dog's favorite sleeping space for back-up cooling.

Don't take your dog for a walk or to an outdoor event in an unshaded area in the heat. Your dog will be game for the exercise but will likely keep going long after he or she is already experiencing problems with the heat. IT'S NOT WORTH RISKING YOUR DOG'S HEALTH OR LIFE WITH EXERCISE IN THE HEAT.

Check the sidewalk/roadway to see if it is too hot for delicate doggy paws. While many companies do make dog booties for the heat, if the surface on which your dog is walking is too hot for comfort, IT'S TOO HOT FOR YOUR DOG TO BE OUTDOORS.

If you don't have air conditioning in your car, leave your dog at home.

Even if you have an air conditioned car, carry frozen bottles of water to keep your dog cooled down. Also carry plenty of bottled drinking water and keep some portable water bowls in your care.

Have your car air conditioner serviced NOW. If it stops working, you and your dog could get stuck in an oven on wheels.

Sun beating through a rear window when you're stuck in traffic could kill your dog, even if your car is air conditioned.

Carry a bag or two of ice from the convenience store in a cooler in your car. If your car breaks down or you end up in monster traffic, you could lose your dog before you can get to help.

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